Serge Doublet

17/4/46            Born in Bolbec (France)
21/1/69            Arrives in Australia speaking little English
1969-1972        Works in a variety of factories and driving jobs
1972-1992        Works in various sales jobs
1992-                Teaches Psychology, Communication,Research, and Sales at TAFE

1990                B.A.  (Psychology)  New England
1992                M.Litt (Psychology) New England
1994                Grad.Dip.Ed.Voc.  UTS
2000                Ph.D.  Macquarie

I have began writing my second book.  Its tentative title is " Confusion by Information ".  It examines the causes of our increasing confusion.  Faced with a huge amount of poorly understood information, most people find it difficult to get to the truth about many things.

We hear and talk about many things but how much do we really understand? Getting to the truth is often not possible, forcing to relying on the views of contradictory 'experts'.

I hope to finish writing it by the end of this year.

Published in Australia
by Ipsilon Publishing
10 Sellicks Beach Rd
Sellicks Beach SA 5174
South Australia
ISBN 0646393707
Published in the US by
Science & HumanitiesPress
286 pp. includes index,
Table of Contents
ISBN 1-888725-36-2

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